By What Authority?

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Who’s really in charge of your life? Do your daily decisions reflect that Jesus Christ holds supreme authority over heaven and earth? Many of us live as if we are our own kings and queens. But what if relinquishing the throne of your heart to the rightful ruler, Jesus, is the key to finding true meaning and purpose? This morning, we’ll explore how fully embracing Jesus’ lordship through faith, action, and prayer leads to a rewarding life in His eternal kingdom.

  • Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth. The religious leaders question Jesus’ authority but he does not directly answer them.
  • Because Jesus has all authority, we should have great faith in Him, do great things for Him, and pray great prayers.
  • Jesus is the King and we are not. Though it may initially disrupt our lives and require sacrifice, submitting to Him as King is worth it because He is good and His kingdom is eternal.

Jesus Christ has supreme authority as our eternal King. When we recognize this truth, it should compel us to place our complete trust in Him, boldly live on mission for Him, and expectantly pray to Him. Though following Jesus requires us to relinquish control of our lives, the reward of living in His righteous kingdom forever far outweighs the cost. Jesus is worthy of our total allegiance. Let’s honor Him as our King and join in His unstoppable mission to redeem people from every nation.


Mark 11:23-33

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