But Who Do You Say That I Am

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In a camp story, a counselor does push-ups for the whole cabin to teach about taking responsibility for others. Someone always pays for wrong actions, just like Jesus did for humanity’s sins by dying on the cross.

Imagine breaking a window near a park. Someone must pay for it, whether it’s the person who broke it, the property owner, or it stays broken. God chose to take on the cost of human sin through Jesus’s sacrifice.

Someone who gets everything they want but then dies and faces judgment shows that earthly success isn’t as important as eternal matters and following Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples to deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Him. They didn’t know he’d literally carry a cross, showing what it means to bear our own crosses daily.

  1. Mark writes his Gospel based on Peter’s stories to explain Jesus’ life and teachings to the Roman church.
  2. The Gospel shifts from asking who Jesus is to what His mission is.
  3. In Mark 8, Peter calls Jesus the Christ but expects a victorious king, not a suffering one.
  4. Jesus teaches that He must suffer, be rejected, die, and rise again, highlighting His mission of sacrifice.
  5. Peter expects a triumphant messiah. Jesus says this thinking is like Satan’s temptation to avoid suffering.
  6. Jesus calls all followers to deny themselves and take up their crosses.
  7. Jesus says gaining the world is useless if you lose your soul.
  8. Jesus warns that if people are ashamed of Him, He’ll be ashamed of them when He returns.
  9. Following Jesus is worth it because of His love and sacrifice.

Mark’s Gospel and Jesus’ teachings ask us to rethink our identity and purpose. Jesus’ path of suffering, death, and resurrection is central to our faith. He calls us to self-denial and commitment, despite the cost.

This challenge is significant, affecting our goals, fears, and beliefs. But it’s about our souls and the value of God’s grace. Jesus, the serving King, sacrificed His life for us, and in following Him, we find true life. Our hardships for Christ are small compared to the future glory for those faithful to Him.

Be a committed follower of Christ, finding victory in the cross. May this understanding transform us as we pursue Christ, who suffered and rose for us.


Mark 8:27-38

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