Built to Last

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The foundations we build our lives upon will be put to the test. What materials are we constructing our legacy with – treasures that tarnish or trophies that testify of Christ? This message exposes the infrastructure we’re investing in and calls us to carefully consider our eternal portfolio. Whether through prayer, hospitality or persecution, discover how prioritizing God’s kingdom can yield rich and lasting rewards when our works face the refiner’s fire.

  1. The speaker discusses receiving awards and trophies as a child for sports accomplishments.
  2. He talks about how people are building something with the materials of their lives and will be rewarded or suffer loss depending on the quality of materials used.
  3. Believers are called to build the kingdom of God through the church using gold, silver and precious stones rather than wood, hay and straw.

As believers called to build what outlasts this mortal coil, may we heed this wake-up call. Let us examine our excuse-making and empty endeavors, dismantling all that fails the test, and commit our best energies to apostolic works of faith, hope and love. When trials tempt us to timber endeavors, recall your rewarder awaits to richly replenish our recompense.

Fix your foundation on the Chief Cornerstone and, strengthened by community, construct lives adorning the gospel of grace through diligent devotion to your designed duties. The fires are coming – will your lifework stand approved or be consumed? The choice, and reward, is yours.


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