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Life In His Name

Born Again, From Above

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In our day and age, it can be hard to distinguish between real and fake news. Imagine a religious leader, Nicodemus, encountering a surprising revelation from Jesus. In John chapter 3, we find ourselves in a conversation that addresses a crucial question: How can we gain entrance into God’s kingdom and receive eternal life?

This passage offers key insights into the spiritual rebirth necessary for entering God’s kingdom, the importance of faith in Jesus’ death on the cross, and the recognition of His supremacy. As we explore this passage, we’ll discover how these teachings can challenge and inspire us in our own spiritual journey. So, let’s delve into this enlightening conversation and see how it can transform our understanding of life in God’s kingdom.

Rebirth: The Work of the Spirit

  • To receive eternal life in God’s kingdom, we must be born again by the power of the Holy Spirit (verses 1-12)
  • This spiritual rebirth is necessary; it cannot be controlled or produced by human effort, only God can do this work

Faith: The Work of Christ’s Sacrifice

  • We must have faith in the death of Jesus on the cross to pay for our sins (verses 13-21)
  • Eternal life comes through believing in Christ; we must choose to trust in what He has done for us

Affirm: Christ Is the Supreme King

  • We must confess Jesus as supreme and the only way of salvation (verses 22-36)
  • Jesus alone has all authority from the Father; He alone provides entrance to God’s kingdom

First, we must be spiritually reborn to enter God’s kingdom. This new birth comes from God’s Spirit, not our own effort. If you haven’t experienced this, ask God to make you new.

Second, faith in Christ’s death for our sins is the only way into God’s kingdom. Trust that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is enough to give you life.

Finally, Jesus is supreme over all. He alone holds the authority to grant eternal life. Making Him first place in everything positions us to joyfully follow Him now and forever.

The path to a full life in God’s kingdom starts with being reborn in the Spirit, trusting Christ’s cross for salvation, and making Jesus preeminent. Apply these truths today to walk in newness of life.


John 3:1–36

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