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Behold Your God

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What do you look to for meaning, hope and comfort in times of trouble? Our attention shapes our lives, revealing what we truly value and depend on. This passage invites us to fix our gaze above, beholding the greatness and goodness of God. As we do, we will find our true source of strength and peace.

  1. Behold your God. When facing difficulties, don’t look around at the problems, and don’t look within yourself. Look up to God.
  2. God is tough and tender. He is both powerful and providing, great and good, with a steel spine and a soft heart.
  3. God is supreme over all creation. He measures the universe in the hollow of his hand. He is all-wise and independent. Nothing can repay God for what he has done.
  4. God is supreme over rivals, including idols and false gods, human rulers, and anything that could be compared to him.
  5. God came humbly as Jesus to gather us in his arms and strengthen us. We are small compared to him, yet he cares for us.

When life crumbles, and strength fails, the God of the universe calls to us: “Behold your God.” In him alone we find a shoulder strong enough to carry our burdens, soft enough to soothe our pain. His tenderness meets us right where we are, while his sovereignty points the way forward. May we lift our eyes from the crowd of lesser gods, fixing our gaze on the one true God, finding in him all we need for this life and the next.


Isaiah 40:9-26

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