Be On Guard

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This is a challenging passage to interpret, with debate over whether the events described have already occurred or are still to come. The goal is to let the text speak for itself and find the simplest explanation, emphasizing what the text emphasizes. The ultimate purpose is faithful application of God’s Word for His glory.

  • God is sovereign, as shown by Jesus’ prediction of the temple’s destruction coming true 40 years later. This highlights God’s judgment against Jerusalem.
  • God provides salvation amidst judgment. Jesus warns his disciples so they can flee Jerusalem and avoid the coming destruction.
  • We must be on guard against false teachers and avoid rash actions, while also not denying that judgment is coming.
  • The second coming of Christ will be both judgment for many and salvation for believers. It gives us reason to persevere now, hope despite death, and reminds us of Christ’s work on the cross.

The message is not just that judgment is coming, so flee. It is that judgment is coming, so flee to Christ. He bore God’s judgment on our behalf at the cross. If we trust in Him, His second coming will be a glorious reunion for us. We can have confidence by looking to Jesus and His sacrifice for us.


Mark 13:14-27

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