Be Careful: Heaven Is Awesome

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Living a life in the awe of God and heaven through the lens of mountains and the end times. Mountains remind us of our smallness in the face of something awe-inspiring, motivating carefulness. Many have lost this sense of aw in ordinary life. Two scenes on mountains – Mount Sinai and Mount Zion – represent law and grace respectively. Mount Zion and heaven are truly awe-inspiring and should motivate us to live carefully.

Key Points:

• Mountains make you feel small and invoke a sense of aw which motivates carefulness, respecting their power. But awe has been lost in ordinary life.

• Mount Sinai represented the law given with awe-inspiring displays but people soon became careless disobeying God. Fear of consequences does not motivate long-term.

• Mount Zion represents grace where we are accepted by God through Jesus, motivating right living. Grace is more awesome and motivating.

• The author warns we must live carefully in response to this awe-inspiring grace, worshipping God with holy fear.

• The world is shaking but heaven is unshakable, motivating us to build our lives on the eternal.

• We must not treat our privilege as firstborn children carelessly like Esau but live eternally minded lives.

Living in awe of God’s grace and heaven means living carefully, treating God and eternity with holy fear and being thankful for the truly awesome things to come.


Hebrews 12:18-19, Hebrews 12:22-24, Hebrews 12:28-29

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