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Baptism What It Is And Why It Matters

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We all seek identity, significance and meaning in life. Many look to family, careers, accomplishments or possessions to find purpose and feel known. But what if there was a way to ground your entire existence in something much greater – something eternal? What if the very core of who you are was rooted not in what you have done, but in what has been done for you?

Today we will explore how the ancient symbol of baptism actually speaks profoundly into these deepest questions, by unveiling the answers Christianity offers. We will see how baptism signifies both a warning and invitation from God, and how by embracing its meaning, one can discover true identity, acceptance and hope.

  • Baptism is the physical enactment of the promise that Jesus’ death and resurrection have dealt with the problem of sin and judgment.
  • Baptism is always done with water as a symbol of cleansing and new life.
  • Baptism reflects the promises of God’s grace given to us in Christ, it does not earn salvation.
  • In baptism, Jesus identified with sinners and expressed his intent to take our judgment.
  • Baptism means we are one in Christ, uniting people of all backgrounds.
  • Baptism means we are made new in Christ, our old sinful self dies and we are raised to new life.
  • For non-Christians, baptism is a warning of judgment and an invitation to receive God’s grace.
  • Christians who haven’t been baptized should get baptized to celebrate what Christ has done.
  • Child baptism should wait until a child is old enough to understand its meaning.
  • Baptized Christians should remember their baptism as a source of assurance and identity in Christ.

Brothers and sisters, baptism calls us out of living for ourselves and into living for the One who gave his life for us. It reminds us every day that we have been made new creations, adopted into God’s forever family, cleansed of guilt and empowered for holy living. Though temptations and failures will come, your identity can never be shaken – you are baptized!

So go in peace, stand strong in that truth, and let the love, grace and purpose you have received through baptism overflow to others in need of good news. Remember that you were made to shine as lights in this dark world, pointing all to the Christ whose love has rescued you from sin, death and all condemnation. Cling to him each moment, and may the promises you have been baptized into empower you for abundant and joyful obedience all your days!


Romans 6:3-4

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