Authentic Resurrection

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On that first Easter morning, everything changed. A tomb that should have contained a corpse was found empty, an event that would forever alter the course of history. Jesus’ devoted followers, despairing after witnessing his brutal crucifixion, were confronted with an incredible reality – their risen Lord had conquered death.

Over the coming days and weeks, he would appear to them again and again, proving beyond a doubt that he was truly alive. This single event would shake the world by giving hope to billions down through the ages.

If true, it would mean that death does not have the final say, and that eternal life is available to all through Jesus Christ. Join me now as we explore this remarkable story and its implications.

  • Jesus died for our sins as foretold in Scripture. His death paid the penalty for our wrongdoing.
  • After dying, Jesus was buried in a tomb. This confirms his physical death.
  • On the third day, Jesus rose again, just as prophesied in Scripture. His resurrection defeated death.
  • Jesus appeared to many people after being raised from the dead. Over 500 saw him at one time. His followers encountered the risen Christ.
  • Belief in the resurrection fueled the explosive growth of the early Christian church. Jesus’ disciples were willing to die for their faith in the risen Lord.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ stands as one of the best attested facts of ancient history. When we place our faith in the risen Savior, we receive transformation, purpose and a living hope that cannot be destroyed. Will you respond to the gift of salvation by surrendering your life to Jesus today? His power can break every chain and his love desires to fill you with peace, joy and assurance of eternal life. This experience with the risen Lord is available to all.

This Easter, may you encounter the living Christ and discover the abundant, resurrection life he promises to all who believe.

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