After the Last Tear Falls

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Eternity awaits us all, but few comprehend its shocking realities. While warnings of judgment persist for the unrepentant, breathtaking visions of physical restoration and spiritual ecstasy unfold, all by grace alone. Paradise restored surpasses expectations. The new heavens and new earth will stun our senses as we play and work alongside loved ones, surrounded by beauty unmatched. God’s all-satisfying presence guarantees endless joy without sadness. And no afflictions will touch us in these flawless environs purged of evil’s stain.

Christ secured this for us.

Soon he will return to wipe every tear and make all things new. But not all will participate in this renewal. Only those washed by the Lamb’s blood will live and reign in this perfect place made possible by boundless love. Glimpses of this future now give courage amidst sorrow. Our living hope sees beyond the grave to the Morning Star’s warm dawn.

  1. Not everyone is included in the new heavens and new earth. There are still warnings even at the end that only those who conquer through faith in Christ’s blood will inherit eternal life. The unrepentant will face judgment.
  2. Eternity is more physical than we think. There will be a new heaven and new earth, not just a spiritual afterlife. God will restore creation.
  3. Eternity is also more spiritual than we think – God himself is the great treasure and delight. His presence brings fullness of joy.
  4. Eternity is more gracious than we think. We don’t earn heaven through good works – it comes down from God by his grace to all who thirst.
  5. Final promises: No more tears, pain, death. God will make all things new. Jesus is coming soon to fulfill these promises. We can have hope and courage even amidst suffering now.

Eternity’s startling realities call for response. God graciously draws near to all who thirst, yet many spurn his offer of living waters. Jesus said any who come to me, I will never cast out. But coming requires humility, admitting our sin and need for redemption we cannot provide. By faith, we must surrender and receive new life in Christ, conquering through the power of his blood. For the reluctant, remember – he stands at the door and knocks.

Fling wide the entrance to your heart. Then as heirs with persevering hope, live for the praise of his glory. For light momentary afflictions now produce an eternal weight of glory beyond comparison. Fix your eyes on unseen things above as you walk the narrow way that leads to dazzling light. Christ’s slow-coming suddenly nears. Therefore keep watch, stand firm in the true faith, be courageous and strong, doing everything in love. For in just a little while, he who comes will arrive without delay. And then every longing will be satisfied as we dwell with him face to face.


Revelation 21-22

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