Active Membership: Utilizing Your Gifts for the Kingdom

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Every believer has been entrusted with an invaluable role within the body of Christ. When we understand and act upon that truth, embracing the unique giftings and calling God has placed within us, His church comes alive with purpose. Our joy and motivation springs from the love of Christ, and that love compels us to actively serve one another.

Though the ways we contribute differ, each role is vital for the health and growth of the body. Therefore, understanding how to develop routines around our God-given assignments will unlock tremendous benefit for the kingdom. When we remain connected to the vine, fruit inevitably grows.

  • Remember your joy. Your why must be rooted in Christ’s love for you. Your service springs from His love for you.
  • Remember your calling. You were called and gifted for a purpose. Find your joy in fulfilling that role.
  • Remember your giftings. Utilize the talents God has given you to serve others and glorify Him.

Our joy, our calling and our giftings were never meant to be kept to ourselves. When we serve the church and share the gospel, utilizing the distinct roles God has wired within us, we bring Him glory and fulfill our purpose. Let us move forward from this moment, resolved to build routines that prioritize connecting with Christ, remembering our place within His body, and exercising our individual gifts for the good of all. When one part of the body is active, the whole body benefits.

As we embrace the opportunities right in front of us to love God, love others, serve the church and share the gospel, we will experience the fullness of life Jesus promises. Our joy will be complete as we abide in Him and bear fruit through our roles within His body. Let us go forth united in spirit and purpose, committed to building each other up as we utilize our unique giftings for His glory and the good of His kingdom. The world is waiting to see the church alive with the love of Christ – let our light shine brightly for all to see.


Ephesians 4:11-13 , John 15:5,9-17 , 1 Corinthians 12:4-7 , 1 Peter 4:10-11

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