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Genesis: Stories From the Beginning

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Abraham’s Test, God’s Provision

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The story of Abraham being told to sacrifice his son Isaac is a shocking request from God to a father who loves his child. But the story shows how God can change someone over time. Even a man with flaws like Abraham can grow in obedience and faith when he keeps trusting God.

  • Abraham deeply loved his miraculous son Isaac, who was the fulfillment of God’s promise.
  • God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, which must have been extremely hard to accept.
  • Abraham trusted that God would somehow still keep His promises through Isaac.
  • Abraham obeyed despite not understanding, because his faith in God had grown over many years.
  • In the end God stopped Abraham and provided a ram to sacrifice instead. This showed Abraham that God would provide.
  • The place where this happened became holy ground for God’s people. Years later Jesus was crucified nearby as God’s sacrifice.
  • Decades after the test, Abraham was respected as a godly man, showing how time and trusting God changed him.

The shocking story of Abraham and Isaac shows how faith meant obedience even without understanding. In the end God provided a sacrifice, just as Abraham trusted He would. This points to God’s future provision in Christ. Though difficult, Abraham’s test grew his faith. Over decades we see him become more generous and godly. The faithful God who changed Abraham can transform us too as we keep trusting Him.


Genesis 22:1-19

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