A Small Jesus Is A False Jesus

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We are constantly bombarded by conflicting messages and ideas, seeking to shape our understanding of truth and reality. However, discerning what is genuinely true from deception can feel overwhelming. This passage provides a framework for critically evaluating differing perspectives with discernment and wisdom. At their core, the tests examine whether a message aligns with original testimony or diminishes ultimate significance. By learning to apply these evaluative lenses, we can cut through confusion and come to understand realities of greatest import.

  1. John introduces the reality that spirits/messages can be from God or not from God, and we need to be able to test which is which.
  2. There are two tests that can be used to evaluate spirits/messages – whether they align with scripture and whether they reduce or diminish Jesus in any way.
  3. Many modern versions of Jesus diminish him by making him smaller, more relatable to human desires, but this contradicts who Jesus truly is as revealed in scripture.
  4. The full, biblical Jesus is God and man, savior and Lord, lion and lamb, and anything less than this full revelation of Jesus is a false spirit.

In this ever-shifting landscape of ideas, anchoring ourselves to what has endured provides stability. While many voices call out, promising fulfillment if only we subscribe to partial truths, scaling back our expectations risks settling for illusion over fact. By embracing the full scope of ultimate significance revealed, and allowing that testimony to hone our lenses of evaluation, we empower ourselves to walk in light amid approaching darkness.

Though challenges come, firmness in truth leaves no foothold for fear. With clarity on realities of most consequence, we find freedom to engage humanity’s unending questions with compassion, upholding dignity and purpose for all. May we each seek the fullness of insight, and spread hope by witness of its transforming power.


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