A New Guide

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The invisible whisperings of the Spirit aim to guide our lives through the noise and chaos, if we will only quiet our minds to hear. God’s animating Spirit longs to reorder our brokenness, empowering us beyond our selfish desires, instincts, and limitations. But to truly walk in step with the Spirit requires we tune into His still, small voice amidst a world filled with distraction and clamor. When we make space for the Spirit to direct our paths, He promises to lead us into the abundant life Jesus came to bring.

  • God’s Spirit serves to create order from chaos in our lives, empower us, and guide us in the right direction.
  • We must tune into the Spirit’s voice by paying attention and cultivating a relationship with Him through time and consistency.
  • Tuning into the Spirit requires tuning out the noise of the world and desires of the flesh through stillness and sacrifice.

Through quieting our minds and opening ourselves to the Spirit’s guidance, we can overcome the challenges that plague us and begin to truly follow the way God intends for our lives. His Spirit longs to whisper to each of us and show us the path forward, if only we slow down enough to hear.


Psalm 46:10, John 10:27, Galatians 5:16-25

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