A New Commandment

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There is a life-changing truth: God’s primary desire for us is not that we simply abstain from sin, but that we grow in love – especially for the difficult people in our lives. True holiness, John reveals, is measured not by what we avoid but by who we choose to embrace.

Three simple yet profound principles emerge to align our lives with the Father’s heart:

  • Aspire to live a holy life. Don’t just talk about it, but make it a goal through reading God’s word and following the Holy Spirit.
  • Embrace God’s grace when you inevitably fall short. Jesus is our advocate and defender who forgives our sin.
  • Measure your progress, not just assume it. The measure of holiness is increasing love for others, especially the difficult people.

If we heed these divine directives, we will find ourselves being transformed. The very heart of the Father – a heart of sacrificial, unconditional love – will begin to take shape within us. In learning to love the “unloveable”, we become more like the One who first loved us.


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