Jesus is Our Victory

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Every human being yearns for victory—over pain, struggle and suffering. But in a fallen world, true triumph seems elusive.

Jesus Christ, however, offers the only genuine victory—over sin, guilt, fear and ultimately, death itself. His victory is complete.

This victory places us in an “infinite game” where the purpose is to live with God forever.

But many live as though in a “finite game”, fearful of failure and comparison.

Jesus’s victory, though, brings peace, courage and endurance through any trials. We can share our faith boldly, freed from worry.

  1. Jesus is our victory over all the things that seek to crush us in this life. Jesus has conquered: condemnation, expiration, desertion, subjugation, indecision, affliction, damnation, opposition, tribulation, and separation.
  2. This world operates in a “finite game” where things have clear winners and losers, but Jesus puts us back in an “infinite game” where the goal is simply to remain in the game forever with God.
  3. As a result of Jesus’ victory, we can have peace and courage even in the midst of suffering and tribulation in this life. What people may do to us does not ultimately matter because Jesus has conquered.
  4. Live boldly for Christ, share your faith, and do not become trapped in comparisons with others; Jesus is your victory.

For Jesus’ victory to truly change us, we must surrender our worries and fears to him. We must let go of comparison and performance, trusting that Jesus has already won. Only then can his peace and power transform us.

Reflect on the areas where Jesus has conquered. Surrender any worry to him. Then live this day with this summary sentence in mind:

“Jesus has triumphed over everything that seeks to defeat me. His victory is now my victory.”

Let this truth spill over into every aspect of your life. Walk boldly in his victory, sharing his love freely. Live fully alive, freed from anxiety.

For Jesus Christ has won! And his victory – complete and eternal – can be yours. Will you accept it? Will you walk in it today?

Respond to Jesus’ triumph by turning away from worry. Put your hope in him alone. Then keep moving forward, knowing the Victor goes with you. His victory is now your victory.


Revelation 12:11, 1 Corinthians 15:55-57, Romans 8:1-39, Revelation 12:11

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