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Fatherhood is a profound and often understated role of imparting wisdom, strength, and faith to the next generation. From ancient times, God designed families to pass on spiritual blessings from one father to the next. But for many, the baton has been damaged or dropped along the way.

There are three urgent calls – for all, for young men, and for older fathers – that reveal both the need and the opportunity for each generation to recover what has been lost and pass on what we have been given, restoring the inheritance of faith.

  • All people, young and old, have been forgiven and have a Heavenly Father who loves them. This forms the foundation for their identity and purpose.
  • Young men are called by God to overcome darkness through the strength of His word. They must awaken to His kingdom vision rather than live according to the world’s purposes.
  • Older men are to pass on the wisdom and experiences gained through the years in order to empower the next generation to follow Jesus.

As we honor earthly fathers this day, let us remember our Heavenly Father who desires to impart His spiritual blessings to our lives and through our lives to the next generation. May we faithfully pass on the baton of faith we have been given.


1 John 2:12-14

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